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    We specialize in doing multiple procedures at the same time, such as the mommy makeover, with each surgeon focusing on one area.

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    We are two Stanford-trained board certified, plastic surgeons offering cutting edge technology and concierge-style attention, with the highest level of safety and attention to detail possible.

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Surgeon's Blog

Eyelid Lift Thousand Oaks

The Eyelid Lift, also called Blepharoplasty, is a plastic surgery procedure performed to improve and rejuvenate the appearance of the upper and/or lower eyelids. The eyelids are often one of the first places we notice signs of aging such as fatty deposits or puffiness, sagging skin, bags, drooping, fine lines and wrinkles. These signs of […]

Thank you to our wonderful patients!

I just wanted to take this moment to thank our patients for voting us best plastic surgeons in Ventura County for 2014! This is the fourth year in a row that we have won this award. It means the world to us that our patients acknowledge and appreciate us so much. We are honored and […]

For the 4th Year in a Row, The Krygers are Named Best Plastic Surgeons in Ventura County!

For the Fourth Year in a Row, the Wins the Ventura County Star Reader’s Choice Award for Best Plastic Surgery Practice in Ventura County! FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE , California, April 2, 2014 The has once again been named the winner of the Ventura County Star Reader’s Choice Award for Best Plastic Surgery Practice in Ventura County! […]

Expanding Possibilities at The 2014 Baker Gordon Plastic Surgery Symposium in Miami

We recently returned from the 2014 Baker Gordon plastic surgery symposium in Miami. This is an excellent meeting in which leaders in the field of cosmetic surgery perform surgery live. A number of the surgeons presenting this year were personal friends and colleagues allowing us several opportunities to learn and observe some of the newest […]

Ventura County Star Reader’s Choice Award Voting is Open!

We’ve been humbled and proud to win the Ventura County Star Reader’s Choice Award, three years in a row. Will you help us make it four? If you’ve been happy with your care at our practice, we’d so appreciate your vote!

Voluma is here!

There is now one more FDA approved filler on the market. Voluma Juvederm made by Allergan has been approved for the temporary filling of the cheek region. This new filler is similar to the traditional Juvederm in many ways. It is composed primarily of hyaluronic acid, It is temporary, it is very well tolerated with […]

Did You Know Your Rhinoplasty Surgery Might be Covered by Your Insurance?

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that involves reshaping the nose. It has two main components to it. First the cosmetic component: reshaping the nose to meet your personal goals. The second part of a rhinoplasty is the functional part of the operation. This involves improving the airway and the ability to breathe easily and efficiently […]

Your Aging Face and the Non-Surgical Facelift

For the past few years, it has become increasingly clear that many of the aging changes of the face are due to loss of volume. This is especially true around the eyes and the mouth. Essentially, our faces deflate as we age. You can see this in people who have lost tons of weight. Their […]

Keep your skin beautiful this summer!

Summer is in full swing, and for many of us, this means hours in the sun playing, swimming, barbecuing, and more. But did you know that all this time spent in the sun can cause irreversible damage to your skin? This includes premature aging such as fine wrinkles, sun spots, irregular pigmentation and an increased […]

Top 3 Tips for Preventing, and Improving the Appearance of Your Scars.

One of the most common aspects of the plastic surgeon’s career involves managing scars and preventing them from being conspicuous. We are frequently asked by patients how to make a scar go away or how to minimize its appearance. Here are three important things you should know: 1) Keep Wounds in a Moist Environment The […]