Breast reduction is a cosmetic procedure to reduce the size of breasts. It can help women who have oversized breasts to improve their appearance. It is helpful in treating the problems caused by heavy – such as back pain. Breast reduction involves surgery to remove the excess fat tissues.

Here’s how you can prepare for the healing process once the surgery is done:

  • You need to understand the procedure, recovery, and healing process beforehand. This will help you be prepared.
  • You need to stop smoking in advance so that the procedure carries on smoothly. This also helps you to heal faster.
  • Dressing or bandages would be used. A drainage tube may be placed to remove excess fluid. These will be removed usually during your next visit to the doctor.
  • You will be asked to wear a special bra to ensure the breasts are properly supported. This ensures quick healing.
  • Stitches will usually be in the form of dissolvable sutures that need to be removed. This allows for smoother healing.
  • Proper rest is needed to ensure the recovery happens as fast as possible. Strenuous tasks should be avoided.
  • If required, pain killers are needed to deal with the pain at the time of healing. Antibiotics may be prescribed to prevent infections.
  • A balanced diet with protein, antioxidants, and Omega-3 aids the process of healing. It is important to drink plenty of water for better healing.

The above information can help you during the healing process after breast reduction.