A mid-facelift treats the areas around the upper cheeks, nose, mouth, and eyes. If you are noticing wrinkles and folds in these areas, but do not require a full facelift, a mid-facelift might just be the perfect solution. It is a surgical procedure that involves making incisions.

You are an Ideal Candidate for a Mid-Facelift if You:

  • Have subtle signs of aging, such as droopy cheeks, hollow eyes, and noticeable smile lines. The procedure works to lift your sagging cheeks by pulling the muscle, fat, and skin and placing them in the new position.
  • Are in sound health and have realistic expectations from the procedure.
  • Are in your forties or fifties, looking to enhance your look.
  • Have sagging skin that has lost elasticity but a definite bone structure and moderate facial volume.
  • Want to restore your youthful look and rejuvenate your facial appearance.

If you are searching for an affordable and effective treatment to revive your sagging and fatigued cheeks, a mid-facelift is for you.

Even though a mid-facelift is suggested for older adults, youngsters today prefer to get early treatments to prevent the occurrence of aging signs. People in their thirties are also opting for a mid-facelift in recent times.

A mid-facelift is quick and comes with no complications. Since it involves minimal scarring, the downtime is also short, allowing you to get back to your work quickly. It takes about two weeks to recover after a mid-facelift and three months to see full results.