The Kryger brothers & staff,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all of your care, concern and especially my new body! I am beyond thrilled with my results and know they will even continue to get better.

Dr K (Zol) – You really are a brilliant man and when I had my little emergency you went above and beyond for me. I really felt like you were there with me through it all and that I was in your safe hands despite the fact that you are miles away. You are awesome and I will be referring many people to you.

Christy – You are so sweet, helpful and wonderful. If I have any questions or thoughts I know I can email or call you and you are there for me no matter how significant or trivial the concern.

Also I don’t remember my anesthesiologist’s name but he was great too.. he made me smile & feel relaxed even before my little “cocktail” on surgery day. You have one heck of a team there!!