Dear Drs. Kryger,

Recently I visited your web site to look at before and after pictures. This time was different from all of the times prior, this time I too am a success story. Now that I have completed the second stage I want you both to know how pleased I am with the results of my procedures. The outcome far exceeded my expectations. You’re reputation for being brilliant experts in breast reconstruction are well deserved.

When I first came to your office for a consultation I was depressed and scared from my past experiences. I had interviewed with nine other surgeons before deciding to have my surgery performed at your clinic. I am glad I made the decision to select you both, you two make a great team and I am thrilled to be and feel whole again. I feel more complete now than I have felt for a very long time. Finally, I have a complete pair of normal appearing breasts right down to the recreated nipple that had been lost in a prior failed procedure done elsewhere. Another seasoned plastic surgeon actually thought you had somehow saved my own original right nipple and was amazed when told it was created during the procedure. There is no question you are artists at what you do. I know you’ve heard this before, but only because it’s true.

My self esteem has been heightened enormously. I am pleased with my new look, and how well my clothes fit. I am and will be forever grateful that I chose the two of you to perform my breast reconstruction. It has been three months since my last procedure. The healing has gone easily and passed quickly. I only needed pain medication for just a few days following the procedure and that was all.

Having personally worked in cosmetic surgery as well as being a patient, I have learned that in addition to the skills of the surgeons, staff is also very important. Your staff is friendly, caring and compassionate. I so appreciated how wonderful Christina, Jen, Yvette and Jaime all were with me. I walked out of a well known surgeons office prior to coming to your clinic simply because their staff was cold and indifferent. I want you both to know as well as everyone there on staff how much I appreciate how I was treated. Thank you all so very much.