When I found out one year ago that I had breast cancer, I was in disbelief. It wasn’t something that I thought I would ever have, but it soon became my reality.

I was introduced to Dr. Zol Kryger and Dr. Gil Kryger as part of my required doctor visits. They would be performing the reconstruction after my double mastectomy. At my first appointment, I felt very comfortable with the options provided to me.

Throughout the whole process, Dr. Zol Kryger and Dr. Gil Kryger were very patient with me. They also treated me with respect and professionalism. No concern of mine was dismissed and there were a lot of questions – I wanted to know everything.

Being that I am still young, appearance and self image is very important to me. I am at the end of the reconstruction now and I am very pleased with the results and how I look.

In my eyes, Dr. Zol Kryger and Dr. Gil Kryger are rock stars of reconstruction. I would highly recommend them as they are highly skilled and know the latest and greatest surgery techniques.

I hope to keep in touch with them. They have made a huge impact on my life.

I wish the doctors, their staff and families all the best.

Thanks again.