Dear Dr. Zol,

Thank you. Two simple words by themselves indistinct, yet when combined replicate an unlimited number of meanings that garner the deepest of emotions that resound my heartfelt gratitude for the wonderful care you have afforded me. My hope is that through these two words, I am alike to express to you how truly grateful I am for everything.

I don’t believe in coincidences rather, my creator has afforded me a grace. When I chose to make an appointment with you I did not know if I would become your patient. I had no idea that in becoming your patient so many of my prayers would be answered. I had prayers for years that God would help me lose weight. When you challenged me to lose 20 lbs, fear reared its ugly head and chased me to the corner of my own thoughts. You presented a compelling argument of why I needed to do this and thus my journey began. You gave me the assurance to trust that with determination and commitment I would be bale to achieve the weight loss goals I set forth. Thank you for caring enough about me that in your reflection I was able to see myself in a different way.

A friend suggested I go with her to Geneses where she was receiving physical therapy and enroll in their “Independent Exercise Program” I recall vividly my first time on the treadmill where it calculated my spent calories after 30mins, to my surprise and doing it was only 375, after that it wasn’t hard to scratch potato chips off the shopping list I had seen dozens of times calorie totals on packaging however, I didn’t fully understand the concept between the amount of exercise needed to burn calories until I actually saw the numbers displayed on exercise equipment. I pushed myself hard. I was determined. The therapists at Geneses said I was an inoperation. I spent most of my time on the treadmill and each time I went I walked 83 mins, 75 of which was at a dedicated speed and elevation of 35 burning a total of 1390 calories. I truly enjoyed the treadmill and look forward yo using it again. Thank you for challenging me ti be in better shape for a healthier revocery.

You asked me to read about the type of surgery you wanted to perfrom, “Component Operation”. I did and spent hours researching recovery outcomes and why hermias develop in the first place. Every answer acheived presented new questions. I am extremely analytical and often any unanswered “why?” resonates in my head like the repetitive sounds that emit when a needle is stuck within a scratch of a vinyl record until some semblance of intellect is attained by I was to prevent and prevail to the best of my ability. I needed the knowledge to know what I was undertaking by agreeing to this surgery. I am ultimately responsible in assuring that your success is not impeded by my careless actions. Thank you for entrusting me to become knowledgeable so that in doing so I am better able to care for myself.