Well, we knew it wouldn’t be long before Mentor had its tear-dropped “gummybear” implants approved by the FDA. This is good news for anyone considering breast augmentation or breast reconstruction. Now all three breast implant manufacturers in the U.S. offer these shaped implants (Allergan, Sientra and Mentor). This means more choices and options when it comes to picking out implants. 

Some surgeons have a preference for only one type of implant. At the Kryger Institute, we use all three manufactures, and all types of round and shaped implants. We are not “loyal” to any one brand, and believe that each implant has its unique advantages. We tailor the implant to your individual anatomy, goals and desires in order to give you the best possible outcome. 

We are hopeful that this increase in competition will help drive down the cost of implants, and we can pass these savings onto our patients as well. As our use of the new shaped implants grows, we will share our experiences with you.