At Kryger Institute of Plastic Surgery located in Thousand Oaks, CA, our board-certified surgeons are experienced at working closely with skin cancer treatment providers. Our dedicated team is here to provide comprehensive care and advanced plastic surgery techniques to restore both appearance and function after the removal of skin cancer. Stay with us as we delve into frequently asked questions regarding the role of reconstructive plastic surgery in the treatment of skin cancer.

What Is the Significance of Plastic Surgery in Skin Cancer Treatment?

Plastic surgery plays a vital role in skin cancer treatment by focusing on the restoration of appearance and function after cancer removal. While the primary goal of any skin cancer treatment is to eliminate the cancerous cells, it is equally essential to address any resultant defects or disfigurement, ensuring patients can regain confidence and normalcy in their lives.

What Is Mohs Surgery, and How Does It Relate to Plastic Surgery?

Mohs surgery is a highly precise technique for removing skin cancer that requires specialized training. The procedure is usually performed by a dermatological or reconstructive plastic surgeon or in corroboration with both, the surgery is particularly effective for treating complex or recurring tumors. 

The technique aims to remove cancerous cells while preserving as much healthy tissue as possible. During Moh’s surgery, paper-thin layers of skin tissue are removed below the base and in the margins around the tumor and microscopically examined, the removal and examination process continues until a tissue sample removed is confirmed to be completely clear of cancer cells. 

Plastic surgeons often collaborate closely with Mohs surgeons, and once the cancer is eradicated, they will step in to reconstruct the affected area, optimizing both aesthetics and function.

What Types of Skin Cancer Reconstruction Procedures are Available?

Skin cancer reconstruction procedures vary depending on the size, location, and severity of the defect. Common techniques include skin grafts, tissue expansion, flap reconstruction, and microsurgery. These procedures aim to restore the natural contours of the skin while minimizing scarring and maximizing functional outcomes. When possible, a consultation with a reconstructive plastic surgeon before skin cancer removal surgery can offer valuable insights that can minimize treatment anxiety.

What Can I Expect During the Skin Cancer Reconstruction Process?

The skin cancer reconstruction process begins with a thorough consultation, where your plastic surgeon will assess your medical history, and evaluate the extent of the defect, or the diagnosis and removal plan from a cancer treatment provider. Once a personalized treatment plan is established, surgery will be scheduled, followed by meticulous post-operative care to ensure optimal healing and recovery.

Do Reconstructive Plastic Surgeons Remove Benign Skin Growths?

Yes, reconstructive plastic surgeons often remove non-cancerous growths and lesions that do not require Mohs surgery examination. While Mohs surgery is primarily used for treating certain types of skin cancer, reconstructive plastic surgeons are trained in a wide range of surgical techniques to address various skin conditions, including benign growths and lesions.

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